The Eurozone - This is the end ?

Spain suffered a fresh blow as 28 of its banks were hit with credit downgrades while Cyprus became the latest Eurozone country to request a rescue loan, days ahead of a pivotal European Union summit. The Moody's decision to slash the Spanish lenders' ratings came just hours after Madrid made a formal request for cash to bail out its troubled banking sector.
From Yahoo

It is about time the major players in the Eurozone stopped thinking about their own position and started to think about the bigger picture.

Either lend the money or call it a day.

The European economy is not a new business start up it is a massive machine that supports millions of people. This petulance is something we can't afford and is something that the small businessman fully understands - he knows that if he doesn't leave his ego at home (when he goes into the office) the day will be difficult and non productive, if not totally disastrous. The small businessman also knows they will be the only people who will pull Europe out of this mess, they have to create new businesses and find new markets.

Creating a new Europe is an exciting process - an analogy. 

The ability to grow an idea into a business can be a simple task but sometimes the brakes are put on by the business' creator. Entrepreneurs sometimes become blind to the obvious, convinced that their vision is the only possible route towards success. The entrepreneur’s inability to seek help and let go of their creation is sometimes the reason why they fail, avoiding or dismissing processes which offer better methods and practices. In other words they do not seek advice or they do not take advice - which may provided them with the tools and techniques that could noticeably improve efficiency or growth and ultimately lead to a faster return on investment and increased profits. Continued on the next page