Random clicks sometimes generate sales

Marketing in a visual way through image searches:

Adding videos or images to blogs and websites can help the optimization of your site. People search for images and if your image appears in a search, then a link to you site appears - random clicks sometimes generate sales.

Sites like InMemoryOf now allow third parties to post YouTube videos. These types of sites are useful in promoting and marketing your business or brand.

Image searches are also useful for information, hobby or charity sites. The ability to get traffic to  your cause through secondary means should not be dismissed.

An Example:

The image above is of a Pentax P30 which is a 35mm (film) SLR camera which uses  a manual focus lenses with the K-mount bayonet fitting. The original lens had a small button on it which turned it into an automatic camera, the light meter flashed options in the view finder. At about 510 grams, the camera is lightweight, with shutter speeds from 1/1000 of a second to 1 second. The automatic mode on this film camera chooses the best shutter speed and aperture setting to give the novice photographer (me) the best possible chance of taking a good photo. It also has a semi-automatic mode as well, which chooses most of the settings but allows for more creativity. There is also a totally manual setting for the brave.

Pentax Spotmatic – SP500 - I have just bought and received via eBay a Pentax SP500 camera. I  put a new battery into it and the internal light meter worked straight away. Unlike the Pentax K1000 you need to switch the light meter on using a switch on the camera body … Continue reading ?