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North Devon Web manage a blog that reached the top 5 travel blogs on (during May 2012).

Why not share your pictures and images of your holiday in a blog. Travel blogs create a lot of interest on the Internet and interest means traffic and clicks. A travel blog can be about your local area, visit local attractions and amenities, write about what you know - your staycation is another persons destination.

From: This is Money Newsletter

Beach breaks abroad could prove cheaper than a staycation because of the UK's high living costs and favourable exchange rates, according to M&S Money.

During the first week of the Olympics for example, a bucket-and-spade trip to Alicante, southern Spain, will cost £700 less than taking time out in London - £927 compared with £1,631.

The only problem with this information is that it has fatally undermined itself by picking a week in London during the Olympics as the cost comparison to going abroad it is obviously going to be expensive, a good comparison of a week in Cornwall or Devon against a week overseas would make more sense. Read more...

View from the window – Cipriani Hotel Venice

The image at the top of this page was taken with a 35mm Pentax film camera using Ilford HP5 black and white film and the  negatives were scanned using a HP film scanner.

The Pentax K1000 (originally marked the Asahi Pentax K1000) is an interchangeable lens, 35 mm film, single-lens reflex (SLR) camera, manufactured by Asahi Optical Co., Ltd. from 1976 to 1997, originally in Japan.

The film processing was ruined in the darkroom due to light seeping in through a small gap below the door.

Another photo gallery that contains 6 photos of Venice

The images in this gallery are taken from a bedroom window of Palazzo Vendramin Palazzo Vendramin is a 15th-century residence linked to the Hotel Cipriani through an ancient courtyard and a passageway lined with flowers. All the images were taken with a digital Canon camera … Continue reading