Grass on a wall Morte Point #ndevon

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The image above was taken with a Pentax K1000 35mm camera.

More on Morte Point, North Devon

Morte Point (literally meaning death-point) is notorious for being the site of many shipwrecks. Five ships were wrecked in the winter of 1852 alone; Bull Point Lighthouse was built just 2 km north east of the point One shipwreck, a ship carrying a cargo of live pigs, gave a small cove to the south of the point the name of Grunta Beach (most of the pigs survived; one is supposed to have lived wild on seaweed for a year). The Royal National Lifeboat Institution built a lifeboat station at Morte Bay in 1871, although the crews always came from the station at Ilfracombe on a carriage when the boat was needed. It proved difficult to launch into strong winds blowing onto its west-facing beach and so the station was closed in May 1900.

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