Does your business only make pin money?

 pin money \pin money\, noun:
1. An allowance of money given by a husband to his wife for private and personal expenditures.
2. Money for incidental expenses.
3. A trivial sum.

Trying to generate sales on the Internet has become harder and harder, you need to be involved in so many things, social networking (you even have to have stores on these platforms!) linking and 'search engine optimisation' with its implied superstitious voodoo.

Yes I agree there are many more opportunities to generate wealth online now but the reality is.... We can't all be successful.

Every other week there seems to be a new business trend online which offer the promise of getting you rich quick or imply that by not following the herd you will instantly go out of business. There are even Chatbots - but how do you create sales with Ai if you don't have visitors to your site? AdWords, Facebook ads, Instagram influencers etc.

To be honest I think I will just roll a dice, if it is an odd number I will carry on with the nightmare and if it is an even number I will be nicer to my kids and maybe take them out for a walk on the beach (I might even buy them a puppy). Everything is just chance, even running a small business. Not necessarily...

A Fast Buck

Every penny I have made has probably cost me more to create than I've gained from a new online business. Staying power is the only way to succeed - even after the investment of time and money failure big time is still an option! Perseverance is the only thing that will get you some way to the top, stick at it but don't be afraid to embrace failure.

However, this project we manage has had over 1.6 million visitors...

1.5 million visitors

...and we have helped several companies to take their ideas further than they had managed to do so by themselves.

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