Android App

The Android StumbleUpon app has been updated.

StumbleUpon has become one of the most useful ‘share link’ sites around. The element of randomness that is built into both the website and app, by finding pages by chance, can be the inspiration that fuels a new idea. I can’t recommend it highly enough – excellent.

The StumbleUpon app for Android:

When you tap or swipe your screen to go to a new Stumble, you’ll see a preview of the upcoming Stumble, a feature we call “Slide.” The Slide feature allows you to skip Stumbles you are not interested in without having to wait for the Stumble to fully load. You can also skip the preview by tapping on the Slide tile.

"Once you’ve upgraded to the latest version of the StumbleUpon app for Android, you’ll notice we have a completely refreshed look and feel. So how do you get to the good stuff? Worry not, we’ve prepared a simple guide to … Continue reading "

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