Snow has made it impossible and unsafe to get into work

 Snow has made it impossible and unsafe for you to get into work, will you get into trouble with your boss if you can't get in?

Check your employment contract to see if there is anything mentioned about bad weather days. Your boss can force you to take unpaid leave but if you have made the effort to get into work a good boss should be understanding and accept the situation is out of your control.

Maybe working for yourself is the best option if your boss is a...
With the economic situation most households need two incomes to sustain raising a family. Caring for children at home can be a full time job in itself. The only real possibilities for the stay at home carer are to either get part time work (which usually means working late at night) working from home or starting a business.

Seven out of 10 mums would rather stay at home with their children than go to work, according to a survey of mothers carried out by the website netmums. But for most, that’s just not possible. In fact, just taking maternity leave can rock a household’s finances, let alone leaving work entirely.  A uSwitch survey showed that nearly three new mums in 10 end up in debt because of their maternity leave, while more than one in 10 cut their time off work short because of financial pressures.

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