Top 5 Art blog - Verity ?

Morgue Gallery, which is hosted on a green server, is a WordPress blog that has reached number 5 today in the Technorati blog charts for Arts. Below are some extracts from this UK blog.

Verity stands triumphantly, defending Ilfracombe’s harbour – justice and truth. The sad truth is Ilfracombe (a seaside town) is dying, the ‘kiss me quick’ tourist trade that came down the M5 has gone elsewhere or stays at home

Damien Hirst has done more than anybody to help kickstart the regeneration of North Devon, sadly his genius will not be enough – he can’t do it on his own.

If you go into his bar/restaurant a few metres away there are a couple of smaller versions of Verity standing either side of the bar – well worth a look.

Why is most public art crap?
The term public art is especially significant within the art world, amongst curators, commissioning bodies and practitioners of public art, to whom it signifies a particular working practice, often with implications of site specificity. The need to display art in …Continue reading →