Blogger or WordPress ?

There are so many different ways to blog. In our opinion the top two packages are Blogger and WordPress. There is very little to chose between them - WordPress is more adaptable but blogger (if you have your own domain name) does really well in searches.

Blogger -  Launched in 1999 by Pyra Labs was one of the first blogging tools available. It was bought by Google in 2003 and naturally works alongside other Google products, making it easy to optimize.

Blogger was ranked 16 on the list of top 50 domains in terms of number of unique visitors in 2007 and since 2003 there have been several redesigns and upgrades to the layouts and dashboard, making this an easy to use platform for the novice blogger.

WordPress - This package can be easily adapted to become a content management system and delivers a mighty bang when used to optimize a website. WordPress appeared in 2003, with a few users who were looking for a way to enhance the typography of writing on the Web. Since then it has grown to be the largest self-hosted blogging tool in the world, used on millions of sites and seen by tens of millions of people every day. 

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Tumblr v WordPress

There suddenly appears to be a new contender on the block in the best blogging application stakes. For a while now Tumblr has been making waves with their blogging platform.

This rise in popularity has encouraged WordPress to implement a strategy of informing WordPress users that they are quite happy for dual users to import Tumblr blog entries into WordPress via one of the  Tumblr to WXR conversion tools that are available on the web. Read more on their blog and see how to import...

We still think WordPress is the best optimizing tool out there...

We can install, manage and maintain your website or a shopping cart for you and we can do all this on one of our green servers. We can also do the same for your blog using one of our favorite tools, WordPress. This free blogging tool is as an easy and extremely effective way of enhancing your web presence and business. To maintain a successful blog it is important to know your subject and to constantly expand your own personal knowledge. A blog is another marketing strategy used for increasing a site’s relevance, by second guessing what people search for when using a search engine. It is important to write your posts using ‘good’ keywords.

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