StumbleUpon - Least Healthiest Cities

StumbleUpon is becoming the most useful ‘share link’ site around. The element of randomness that is built into both the website and app, by finding pages by chance, can be the inspiration that fuels a new idea. I can’t recommend it highly enough – excellent.

We stole a post from them!

StumbleUpon Blog looked at which cities were Stumbling content related to drinking and partying the most and the following cities topped the list:

Top Partying Cities
1. Boston, MA
2. Philadelphia, PA
3. Chicago, IL
4. San Diego, CA
5. New York, NY
6. Boulder, CO
7. Baltimore, MD
8. Washington D.C.
9. Pittsburgh, PA
10. Denver, CO

Top Healthiest Cities
The top ten healthiest cities according to their Stumbling habits are:
1. Miami, FL
2. Fort Lauderdale, FL
3. San Diego, CA
4. Boston, MA
5. Tucson, AZ
6. New York, NY
7. Las Vegas, NV
8. Sacramento, CA
9. Los Angeles, CA
10. Gainesville, FL
And let’s not leave out the least healthiest cities . . .

Least Healthiest Cities
The top ten least healthiest cities according to their Stumbling habits are:
1. Lincoln, NE
2. Dayton, OH
3. Cincinnati, OH
4. Lexington, KY
5. Columbia, SC
6. Springfield, MO
7. Saint Paul, MN
8. Cleveland, OH
9. Grand Rapids, MI
10. Athens, GA

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