What are you doing to get your company noticed in the West Midlands?

As the UK’s traditional manufacturing heartland, the West Midlands was affected more than most by the industrial struggles of the 1980s – and yet Margaret Thatcher remains a popular figure among many business leaders today.
Indeed, the word “Thatcherism” is thought to have been coined in Birmingham.
From The Birmingham Post 

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Birmingham the home of the Austin7

With the help of the Seven, Austin weathered the worst of the depression and remained profitable through the 1930s, producing a wider range of cars which was steadily updated by the introduction of all-steel bodies, Girling brakes, and synchromesh gearboxes. However, all the engines retained the same side-valve conformation. Deputy chairman Ernest Payton became chairman in 1941 on the death of Lord Herbert Austin. In 1938 Leonard Lord joined the company board and became chairman in 1946 on the death of Ernest Payton.
Austin Motor Company.  In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. from http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Austin_Motor_Company&oldid=448356192

Birmingham post your dreams

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