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Ebuzzing - Top Blogs - OtherM4tr.co.uk is powered by WordPress. Their blog has been climbing consistently up the ebuzzing 'other charts'. M4tr.co.uk has also been in the Technorati Top 100 Small Business blogs. Below are some extracts from  this Art-Music website: 

Review archive 2009 - 2009 was an ‘interesting’  year – This Window had ‘Where Is My Jesus’ on the German compilation  Net.Ware Stimulation, Elektronik Compilation which was released late December 2008.  ‘Cassette Culture 1989 – 2009‘ was released in February 2009 and ‘Again...
Tumblr, Blogger or WordPress ? There are so many different ways to blog. In our opinion the top two packages are Blogger and WordPress. There is very little to chose between them – WordPress is more adaptable but blogger (if you have your own domain name) does really well in searches...

Music Production – Our beginning
The music industry has been destroyed by this something for nothing culture, with albums being given away free. It can be argued that this has made the music industry more democratic, enabling individual musicians and artist to compete in the free download market. However, this surge for free content has diluted the industry, the purse is getting empty so artists are not getting paid a fair return for their efforts. It gets worse – websites that delivered free content (and some paid) are now disappearing as the general public now only downloaded the free stuff and not the paid tracks.  With the demise of the 7digital indiestore service shutting down on in September 2010 an avenue for the democratic production of paid for and free downloads by independent artists has closed. There are dozens of  other viable alternatives for free mp3 downloads out there but for how long?