Update Dreamweaver for free ?

Adobe have now made the decision not to update Dreamweaver but to make it a subscription based product

Without doubt Dreamweaver has been the market leader in web page creation software. This product has launched many successful businesses in the past but now only the successful will be able to afford the updated versions - this seems a terrible shame and another nail in the coffin for the aspiring young dreamer / entrepreneur.
The move to subscriptions marks a big change for Adobe as it is introducing a subscription model for many of its most popular programs, including Photoshop and Dreamweaver. 
Up to now, customers had perpetual access by paying a single fee for Adobe's Creative Suite. From next month, continuing access to the programs, either individually or as a whole, will demand a monthly fee. Standalone versions will still be available but will not be upgraded. The change was announced at Adobe's annual Max conference, at which it details the latest updates to its products.   From BBC News

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