#WordPress - #Omnisearch

Jetpack has added another tool to the WordPress dashboard which is both useful as a general research tool and as an optimisation tool.

Omnisearch enables you to search your blog posts and (your) selected sites, for content and tags - this tag search is fantastic for helping to optimise your posts and blog.

Using Omnisearch
Using Omnisearch is remarkably easy. Just search! If you’re in your WordPress Admin Panel, you can use the search bar in the WordPress Admin Bar (top right, just beyond your User Menu), or go to Jetpack » Omnisearch and start from there. Please note that the Search field on the WordPress Admin Bar will only Omnisearch from the back-end of your site, as the front-end already has a search field there to perform a site search natively, and we didn’t want to change that for you. Read more...