Marketing your art is really propaganda

You could employ a scatter gun approach to your art marketing strategy by trying a little of everything but this is the pathetic ploy of a desperate person.

If you target 100,000 people with unsolicited emails you will probably create a negative image for your business – purchased email lists are not as effective as somebody saying “I’m interested in your Artworks”. Have a look in your own inbox for proof this approach does not work. Do you deal with the unsolicited direct (spamming) marketers and do you trust them? Do you read all the junk mail that drops onto your doormat? If you send out of 10.000 emails you might get a response from less than 1% of them – there is a possibility you might not get any quality leads at all. You have to be selective.

What is the best marketing strategy for your Art

Information is power and sharing information increases your web and marketing presence leading ultimately to more sales.  North Devon Web can install, manage and maintain your WordPress blog for you and they can do all this on one of their green servers. A WordPress blog is another marketing strategy used for increasing a site’s relevance, by second guessing what people search for when they are using a search engine, by using effective keywords in your blog posts.

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Artists were used as or used for propaganda

After and during World War II  art and artists were used as propaganda – they worked for or against Hitler, Stalin, Churchill etc. The horrors of this global war were well documented in film, photography and words – the horror … Continue reading →