Hanging in a gallery?

Do people make impulse ART purchases on the Internet?

If you have your paintings hanging in a gallery, shop etc then you can encourage people to look, touch even smell your works of art. High Street shopping and gallery purchases are a sensual experience, so how does this work on the Internet?

Clients are constantly searching for the next must have object, they read reviews, they visit galleries and craft fairs and are sometimes captured by cynical marketing. When friends, neighbours and family show off their latest lifestyle purchase, frantic impulse buying (online) begins.

Creating content that is memorable is important to your Art business and vital in perpetuating all the hard work you have done with web site search engine optimization. Optimisation is not a static process – updating web pages and creating new web content creates memorable websites – which is important if they have a commercial purpose. The stats you get on your web traffic may indicate you have kept people on your sites for hours but what are they doing? Are they stealing your content or ideas? Quality clicks are a rare commodity, your web content needs constantly updating – it needs to be fed in order to sustain your client audience, they need to know what you have to say about your works of art and they need constantly updated material.

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