I think it is fair to say that we all share the same life route; birth to death. It is the stuff in the middle that is sometimes slightly different, we can consult Tarot cards and allow chance to choose our destiny.

I wish I had a crystal ball so I could predict what will be the next trend - will Facebook and Twitter crash and become last year's news? To be successful in marketing your blog, product, website etc. you need to have intuition, to guess successfully and predict the stampede of the herd.

To say we are all unique is not strictly true - love, loneliness, disappointment, illness, parenthood etc. are things we all experience in someway or another - this shared path is what makes us part of the collective human race. It is most probable that anything you write about on the internet will be a shared emotion, concept, or dream and somebody out there will be thinking, 'I thought of that ages ago'.

The only way forward is to adapt the concept of original thought and simply do things better, write better text and be creative, sell your dreams, thoughts and business ideas.  

The rules that apply to terrestrial businesses still apply to the virtual word of the internet. Your website / blog / fb page is a window for the world to look through. Marketing is the art of selling things.

Getting things seen and viewed correctly is an important part of on line selling. Taking tips from the real world - retail shop displays and visualizing layouts of products and aisle layouts are the best ways to envisage an online shopping experience. Optimizing visual layouts is a key to success, the words wrapped around the images help to describe the virtual product to the viewer in the real world. #business

Business deals and updating offers

You need to look deep into your crystal ball and try to predict the future, to foresee the next market shift and growth niche. We are living in a time when markets and employment conditions are tough and uncertain; maybe starting your own business is an option. During this period of economic volatility you stand […]

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