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We can also make sure your site is within EU legal guidelines and stop you being blacklisted.

Recent clients include:

    1. Royal Oak bar and restaurant in York. Updating and optimising content. Improving navigation and accessibility
    2. South Molton Business Association (SMBA) Enabling membership communication
    3. White Moose Gallery, improving optimisation, creating mobile site and enabling easier updating
    4. Kilmeny MacBride assisting / hosting website. Freelance proofreader and copy-editor, English and French tutor
    5. Pannier Antiques On-line and off-line antique market
    6. David Plagerson Noah’s Arks Improving navigation and accessibility
More and more, buyers are looking online for products or services local to them, a business that is just around the corner always somehow feels safer than another in the next county and search engines, including Google, are enabling the client to find local enterprises by including a map of local businesses in search results. Will your clients  find you?

Whether you are selling online or off you need to be visible

Smarter businesses outsource their web content generation to companies who know how to extract the biggest impact with the least amount of words.

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There is no point in leaving your business web site with static content. Your website is not there to be admired like a still life painting or photograph, it has to be constantly changing or your visitors will get bored and all your clients will go elsewhere.