Thursday, 1 October 2015

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It is easy to blame your failures on other people and easier still to bury your head in your hands and give up. If a project is worth doing it is important to invest time, energy and resources.

We can help:

If your marketing, updating and management of your web presence is getting out of hand contact us and we will get your project back under control. We are cheaper than the option of doing nothing!
  • We can take control of your content updating.
  • We can save you time and money.
  • We can guide you through the conception, birth pangs and sustainability of your web presence, we can create content for your website that can help you sell your products or services, we can optimize your site for search engines and submit them to the major players. We use a combination of automated and human processes to help you towards achieving world domination.
  • We can provide the UK with a green, ecological and fast web hosting service.
  • We can help you get into the blog charts by installing the most powerful blogging tools around.

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As a marketing strategy for increasing a site’s relevance, we have to consider how search algorithms work and what people search for. Search engine optimization efforts involve; fine tuning a web site’s coding, presentation (how text, images and content are presented) and structure(including fixing problems that could prevent search engines indexing and fully exploring a site). Another class of techniques, known as black hat or spamdexing, use methods that included link farms and keyword stuffing. These techniques are used to harm search engine user experience. Search engines look for sites that employ these techniques and in extreme cases remove them from their search indices.

Recent clients include:

    1. The Stag Inn, Rackenford: pub and restaurant in North Devon. Updating and optimising content. Improving navigation and accessibility, interim wordpress management
    2. South Molton Business Association (SMBA) Enabling membership communication
    3. White Moose Gallery, improving optimisation, creating mobile site and enabling easier updating, interim wordpress management
    4. Royal Oak bar and restaurant in York. Updating and optimising content. Improving navigation and accessibility, interim wordpress management
    5. Pannier Antiques On-line and off-line antique market
    6. David Plagerson Noah’s Arks Improving navigation and accessibility
    7. Kilmeny MacBride assisting / hosting website. Freelance proofreader and copy-editor, English and French tutor

Contact us for a full business package:

All our web updating services, optimisation and services are carried out in the United Kingdom.

WordPress Management

If you would like us to help with your WordPress website ‘tweaking’ please contact us. We specialise in fixing the stuff you cant be bothered to fix.
WordPress and Blogger ManagementIf you would like us to help with your WordPress or Blogger website ‘tweaking’ please…

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