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Morgue Gallery will mail you a signed postcard that has been recycled by Peter Bright, each postcard is different and variations of this image have appeared in exhibitions all over Europe and the USA.

To receive your postcard click the button below – the £1.00 is to cover postage etc.

Originally this recycled postcard was a promo for ‘Cassette Culture‘ a download album from This Window which was released in 2009 (which is available on iTunes etc). The photograph is of Marni De Much, the drummer on the 'Morgue Studio Demos' limited edition This Window CDR release.

Example: Art Kitchen (USA) - February 2012

The postcard below at was exhibited at The Alabama Art Kitchen (An Art Collective) 2626 University Blvd. Tuscaloosa, AL 35401, USA, during February 2012.

The mission statement of the Alabama Art Kitchen is to provide studio space and equipment for local artists – as well as provide a venue for exhibitions, classes and workshops. They are committed to nurturing creativity, volunteerism and access to the art experience, to increase the interest and involvement of the local Tuscaloosa arts community.

Art Kitchen (USA)  - February 2012
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