Clients that have received considerable legitimate traffic

Have you been alarmed at how quickly your sites are disappearing off page one in Google?

Google has a set of rules and guidelines, these  rules are not specifically designed to assess intent, they focus on content and optimisation techniques. Pages that are misinterpreted as using ‘paid linking’ etc. are  perceived as offending sites and are consequently penalised – leading them to lose their ranking.

Google’s quest for good content has lead it to focus on linking – where third parties create content and excessive linking to other sites. ‘Old School’ techniques like creating ‘landing pages’ – the process of creating keyword / links pages on sites are penalised by Google and are perceived as to be showing an intent to deceive eg trying to manipulate their search results.

Here are a few of the pages we have created for clients that have received considerable legitimate traffic

  1. Proofreader and copy-editor
  2. North Devon Web Design | Search Engine Optimisation | Responsive Web Design (RWD)
  3. Wooden Arks
  4. Misogynist ?’ by This Window
  5. Nativity Sets
From our archive:
The StumbleUpon app for the iPhone and iPad is a simple idea and an extension of the website. This app is a great little mobile tool for helping with optimization of websites and tracking popular pages. You can see in an instant what your favorite ‘stumble’ is doing by click counting and watching trends. Your mobile account is automatically synced with your web account so you can browse your Likes anytime on either platform, enabling you to share your interesting finds with anyone via email, StumbleUpon, Facebook, Twitter and others.

A product, blog, content link will send a large stream of targeted high value traffic to your site.