A website that nicely ticks over and bumbles along a gentlemanly pace - SEO

Search Engine Optimization 

There is a massive problem with taking up our sitemap offer

- the flip side of the coin is having too much success with your website. It can be a pain having too many orders, making too much money, having a popular website....it is a lot of hard work.
If I'm honest I hate being swamped under with work, I would much rather prefer to take things at a reasonable pace. Search engine optimisation can create a beast, one that devours your time and leads to chaos, causing divorce or worse.

Having the luxury of a website that nicely ticks over and bumbles along a gentlemanly pace is all well and good - if you have a disposable income (you are a lucky person in this reccession). Are you a struggling peasant? - Why not let someone who is in control of their web world give you a hand email us. If you don't want to be seen in search engines remember weighting is given to the titles of documents contained within your site. Keywords are also weighted and so is description and document text. Create your business web site, optimized without content, titles, description or text - then you can bumble along at a gentlemanly pace and be a complete failure - what joy what bliss.

We can create you an xml sitemap and a simple html sitemap and email them to you. Click the button below for instructions.
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