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Handcrafted Wooden Toys Made in the UK

Hand carved, my wooden whales are tactile and painted in realistic colours.

Carved wooden whales

David uses local sustainable wood chosen for its lightness and smooth finish, transforming the blocks of wood into simple but instantly recognisable whales, using as few cuts as possible before refining the shape and finishing these whales off with mirror finish paintwork. “It’s all about economy of design,” he says.
Originally trained as a painter, David worked as an art teacher in East London, where he was inspired by the Bangladeshi refugee children he encountered there,
“They taught me about simplicity of design, strength of colour and fluidity of brush strokes.”
Animals and other toys may also be commissioned. Cats, Dogs, Whales and Ponies are particular specialities.

The Whale and Jonah

The story of a man trapped in a whale: In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus makes a reference to Jonah when he is asked for a miraculous sign by the Pharisees and teachers of the Law. Jesus says that the sign will be the sign of Jonah. Jesus implies that Jonah's restoration after three days inside the great whale prefigures His own resurrection.