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We are looking to invest in or buy companies in the UK

UK website service

We are looking for small sized businesses based in the UK that comply to the following criteria:
Internet Updating Companies.
Companies that have a minimum of 5 contracts with website owners who are contracted for 12 months or over.
Internet Marketing Companies.
Who are involved in search engine marketing (SEM), graphic and web design,  AdWords, Google services and SEO services. Looking for young and established companies, who are based in the UK and whose staff are UK based.
Internet Companies.
Companies that have a proven record of profitability  for over 3 years and are based in the UK and whose staff are UK based.

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We have been updating clients websites regularly  – we are not teenagers we are battle hardened professionals who have been doing this since the 1990’s and have had projects featured in the Financial Times.

Brexit = More Jobs = Growth for British Business?

The ability to let go of your business could be the way to success. Allowing others to carry out key decisions within your company is the way to unclutter your mind, unburdening your creativity by dumping the mundane. 

The ability to grow an idea into a business can be a simple task but sometimes the brakes are put on by the business' creator. Entrepreneurs sometimes become blind to the obvious, convinced that their vision is the only possible route towards success.

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