Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Loaded Fender Squier Bullet Type Body #guitarsalvage #guitarbody #partcaster

This relic body  is possibly a Fender Squier Bullet, includes Fender Squier scripted pickup covers

This contoured basswood body is routed to fit any standard pickup configuration. The overall condition is good and has a relic patina - looks vintage, with a matt paint finish.

 £35.00 Free UK postage and packing


The scratchplate has two 'scripted' early white pickup covers from a Squier and an unscripted one of similar patina, covering a matched set of single coil pickups. Included in this bundle is a tremolo unit, including: claw, bridge saddles, adjusters and a neck backplate and plastic mount, chrome jack plug and boat, guitar strap buttons (not illustrated in photographs but included) and new scratchplate.

Your Price: £35.00

More details on request Email: to make an offer.   Please email or call for international shipping.

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