UK business will see the EU in hell first! #brexit #brexitservices #ukbusiness

The EU want to drag your business into hell. 

Brussels is determined to take your online business away from you - Act now!

At the moment a UK citizen can register domain names in the .eu TLD (top level domain) through any accredited .eu Domain Seller, providing it’s registered office, central administration or principal place of business within the European Community,  an organisation established within the Community or natural person resident within the Community (Holder of EU passport).

When further details are known about the timing and details of a UK exit, the European Commission will instruct EURid on how to proceed with the management of .eu domains held by British citizens.
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System Culture Limited
Has Brexit already closed you down? We might be able to help...

Vintage Guitar Parts  - We ship to the EU and the rest of the world...

Vintage Chrome Pickups and Black Metal Pickup Mounts for Les Paul Electric Guitar

These pickups and mounts were taken from an unloved vintage Les Paul type guitar

The metal pickup surrounds have the correct profiles, with tapering edges, to fit the contour of the guitar body.

£25.00 UK post free 

The pickups are chrome and had a typical warm Les Paul sound when tested.
  1. – High quality salvaged matched pickups
  2. – 1 set metal guitar pickup mounts from a vintage Les Paul
  3. – Suitable for Gibson Les Paul or  LP copy electric guitar
  4. – Colour: chrome and black
  5. – Springs and adjusting bolts

More details on request
Email: or make an offer.