Original Music Man Bass Bridge – Vintage Bass Parts #bassguitar #musicman


This unit is perfect as a replacement bridge for your vintage project. This is not a reproduction but the real thing. This chrome bridge will fit several models of Music Man basses.

£12.50 Free UK postage and packing


Email: sales@guitarsalvage.co.uk or telephone (uk): 07596 533687 to make an offer.Please email or call for international shipping.


 More details on request.

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The EU use their size and purchasing volume to drive manufacturing and growing prices down in the undeveloped world, they steal cents from small volume producers, forcing them to operate within unsustainable export / import parameters, ensuring goods reach Europe at a bargain price. This bullying model is immoral and should be stopped. The EU needs to be broken up, reducing their power, enabling smaller exporting and importing nations to receive a fair price for the goods and produce they export.

The advantages of being outside the EU block have been well documented, even the Bank of England have recognised the possibilities and opportunities, even contemplating that a less federal approach to making trade deals might be the way forward to redress the imbalance in world prosperity. 

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