Crop Kestrel supporting the NHS #devon #covid19 #cropcircles #madeinbritain #nhs #exmoor


Watch this really neat video of a tractor cutting #NHS into the Exmoor landscape

Crop Kestrel provides complete agriculture management solutions using a combination of survey drones, multispectral sensor and cameras as well as powerful analysis software to interpret the data. Our agriculture packages include everything needed to collect, analyse and incorporate drone data into your crop management practices to ensure the yield can be as efficient and healthy as possible. Areas of the field that require attention can be easily identified and then addressed by the Farmer or Agronomist. This information is collected using the most up to date and specialist multispectral NDVI sensors. When these sensors are combined with our software, Crop Kestrel can really begin to support the farmer to maximise yield, health and quality of their crops as well as having a positive impact on the environment and increasing efficiencies in Crop fertilisers and sprays.

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