Vintage Guitar Parts for auction #guitarsalvage #vintageguitars #stratocaster #pbass #jazzbass #epiphone

Vintage Liberty Bass Neck in used condition

£32.50 Free UK Post, International sale. Vintage Liberty Bass Neck in used condition. I have used this neck in a Fender #Squier #PBass body for live gigs. 61.5mm at heel / 27mm deep. #jazzbass #bassplayer

Fender Squier Neck Plate - Guitar Parts Bundle – Tremolo Unit and Other Parts

£13.99 UK Free Postage, international by eBay. Fender Squier Engraved Neck Plate. Stratocaster Parts, included are: tremolo unit, claw, bridge saddles, adjusters, springs, rear tremolo cover, jack plug socket and boat, screws. #squier #stratocaster #fender

Fender Squier Fully Loaded Scratchplate, Back Plate and Fixing Screws

£19.99 Free UK post, international via eBay. Fender Squier Aged White Fully Loaded Scratchplate, Back Plate and Fixing Screws - Pickups, switch, knobs, and switch tip included, 11 hole single ply, fully working #stratocaster #squier #fender #vintageguitar

Made In Japan - Vintage 5mm Stratocaster Chrome Tremolo Bridge and Other Spares

£13.75 Free UK postage, international sales by eBay. Made In Japan Engraved Neckplate, 5mm tremolo unit, Jack plug and boat, springs and fixings. Parts are used and come from various guitars - ideal for a vintage Japanese relic build. #madeinjapan #stratocaster #relicguitars #vintageguitars

2011 Fender Squier Bullet Stratocaster - Loaded Neck - Made By AXL

£35.00 Free UK post - International sale via eBay - 21 fret neck off a 2011 Jack Daniels Fender Squier Stratocaster by AXL. In great condition with virtually no wear to the frets, loaded with original machine heads. #jackdaniels #squier #fender