COVID-19 a new income stream for Internet scammers, hackers and ransomers #covid19 #ukbusiness


This worldwide pandemic has created a new income stream for Internet scammers, hackers and ransomers We are all savvy regarding our personal safety on the Internet but during these times of stress and worry we are prone to be a little slapdash and sometimes careless. Phishing emails have spiked by over 600% since the end … Continue reading Beware of COVID-19 Internet Fraud
It is worth bearing in mind that because there are more and more offers of financial support for businesses during this current pandemic, there are more and more opportunities to become a victim of fraud. Always make sure the forms you fill in online, to apply for business grants and support, are the correct bonafide applications. Be even more cautious of using an intermediary website to process your claim.

What are the methods these crooks are using?

Cybercriminals are sending emails claiming to be from legitimate organisations with information about coronavirus, offering support and advice. This is a well tried and tested method of attack.

What does this tell us? In simple terms, hackers are detecting vulnerability. They’re not detecting necessarily the vulnerabilities on our websites, they know there is fear and that is our weakest link. Just be careful, there is more than one dangerous virus out there.

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