Build your own guitar – Pickups – Tuners - Tremolo

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Stratocaster chrome ware, removed from new and old guitars, includes: tremolo assembly, 6 right hand machine heads removed from a 2021 Guitar, Pickups (2000s), jack plug socket, strap buttons, string trees plus screws, tremolo rear cover etc. This lot includes some new old stock, screws etc.

  1. Claw
  2. 3 x trem springs
  3. Bridge saddles, springs and adjusters
  4. Jack plug socket and boat
  5. 6 x machine heads
  6. Set of pickups (2000s)
  7. String trees
  8. Rear tremolo cover


  • Red Wire – approx 4.65k output
  • Green Wire – approx 5.961k output (reverse wound to other two)
  • Blue Wire – approx 5.93k output

The pickups don’t have mounting screws and springs included in this bundle.

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£7.45 – UK Post Free Contact for International Shipping

Nickel Type Stratocaster Jack Plate and Socket
  • Never been fitted to a guitar – as new.
  • Mono electric guitar output jack plate.
  • 1/4″ (6.35mm) mono jack socket.