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Getting people to impulse buy is difficult?

A friend of mine is addicted to shopping online he has a garage full of stuff including 4 large sacks of Lumache pasta, and several sets of garden furniture. I suppose his impulse purchasing is a serious habit  What do you do and how do you get people to buy your stuff if you own an online store?

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The Recession do list

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  • We can take the strain.

    Wilkinson Pickups and scratchplate removed from a Chord based partcaster. These are some are fantastic pickups – slightly hot and sound like Fender’s but better in many ways. The pots are CF type and are probably from a Squier. The Scratchplate is in used condition with minor surface scratches on it. These pickups and covers are as found on the dismantled guitar.

£45.00 UK Post Free – Contact for International Shipping

Neck – approx 5.65k output

Middle – approx 5.66k output

Bridge – approx 6.20k output

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