Build Your Own Guitar Parts - Rat Bait

DIY - Get the guitar you want built to your own specifications 

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Rat Bait Guitars – Made in the UK

  • Guitar Salvage have launched our own brand of recycled and upcycled guitars. Each one is individually built and made from new and reclaimed parts. What we intend to do is create guitars that are reasonably priced and very different from what is available at the moment. We also sell original vintage preowned guitars – if they are worth saving.
  • We use parts from the 1970s right up to the 2020s, mixed together to give the experience of ‘heritage’, not the fake visual illusion of ‘relic’. The aim is to produce guitars that are very playable and sound better than the average homogenised crap that is out there. They won’t be shiny and shimmering – they will look rugged, with a few battle scars but they will compliment any serious guitar collection.
  • The highest price we have charged so far is £450.00. We aim to produce an entry level ‘Rat Bait Guitar’ for under £100.00
  • We brand our pickups with our name, sometimes clients want to customise their guitar so we occasionally have surplus stock. We have these for offer at low prices – check here to see if any are available.
  • Each guitar is numbered carrying the date they were completed so you will know exactly when they were created. A photographic record of each guitar will be available to view and commissions will be accepted.
  • Send us your broken beast or a box of spares and we will lovingly create you a new ‘Rat Bait Guitar’ from the detritus you have sent us.

Ibanez Powersound Pickups Full Set. Removed from an old Ibanez RG270L.  Ceramic Magnets, sound crisp and clear, perfect for high gain / lead


  • Resistance:  13.02
  • Tap: 6.51
  • Poles: 50mm
  • Poles: 6×6 pieces of non-adjustable slug.
  • Colour:Black
  • Material: Metal + Plastic


  • Resistance:  4.82
  • Poles: 50mm
  • Poles: 6 pieces, non-adjustable, staggered poles
  • Colour:Black
  • Material: Metal + Plastic