Telecaster Deluxe or is it a Les Paul?

Building a DIY Telecaster...

DIY Telecaster

We had a Telecaster basswood body lying around so we modified it to fit a Telecaster Deluxe scratchplate. We added a Wilkinson hardtail bridge and used up the odd bits of guitar kit we had hanging around, including: humbuckers from a 1990s Epiphone Les Paul Special and a neck that was on a plywood generic Telecaster copy, which was probably from the late 1980s or early 1990s. The neck had been refretted at some point and its Rosewood fretboard has a beautiful rich patina. We had to replace the nut as the slots were cut too deep and we added 8mm machine heads are from and old Squier. The wiring loom comes from a Les Paul and the paint is from a random tin in our shed. The intention was to throw it together and make some wall art but… Not sure if it is more Les Paul than Telecaster. Sounds like a Les Paul. Whatever it is this is it is now a desirable partscaster.

DIY Telecaster

The Telecaster Deluxe was Fender’s experiment with humbucking pickups. These humbuckers produced a thicker, warmer guitar sound, which was becoming the fashion during this era. This new sound was a massive contrast to the traditional 1950s-1960s Fender single-coil pickup sound which was bright, snappy and a lot thinner. You could say that this design departure from the traditional Telecaster and Stratocaster sound was Fender playing catchup with its competition.

DIY Telecaster

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