Mind your language

Language of Art

There are millions of ‘Art’ viewpoints; some take a position of extreme difficulty or resistance. This position questions everything and is unforgiving.

In Art, the principal is that artists should look beyond the superficiality of life and expose the core. They should also look at the superficiality of Art and Culture and rip and tear at the flesh of its own conception, rejecting Metaphor, Romanticism etc. etc. By implementing such self imposed draconian measures you may be left with a purity of ideas but that leaves little to create or live for. Similarly, to try and create a business using blinkered vision creates and environment of difficulty and attrition.
You can view business in a similar way  - the 'Art' = the profit.
The language of business is based on metaphor, ‘The Company grew from a tiny seed’ but most successful companies don't do it all by themselves...

Creating a new business takes a lot of thought, care and investment. In these troubled times it always pays, in the long term, to get professional help. There aren't enough hours in the day to create your masterpiece without help... 

M4tr Productions

Owning a business is like owning a grain of sand. Each grain of sand, when combined with other grains, eventually creates a beach. Only a very few proportionately settle on the top and become visible. 

Our aim is to help individuals and companies to take control of their businesses. We are more than happy to help with long or short term website management, to repair, rebuild or re-design any website in the UK or abroad. No project is too small for us, if you hire us for an hour or 12 months we will ensure you get our full attention and service. We will also make sure we communicate with you using clear and jargon free language.

We are a professional Web Services company based in Great Britain.

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New Neck Alnico 5 Split Coil Humbucker from Guitar Salvage

Split Coil Neck Humbucker

Perfect replacement neck humbucker pickup – excellent value!

£14.35 UK Post Free – Contact for International Shipping
New Alnico 5 ( Alnico V ) Neck Pickup – can be coil tapped. Total Resistance: 10.83k / Single Coil Tap: 5.47k
Includes springs and screws, condition is “New”, 50mm spaced poles.
  • Resistance: 10.83k
  • Tap Resistance: 5.47k
  • Poles: 50mm
  • Poles: 6 pieces of non-adjustable slug (1 row)
  • Poles: 6 pieces of adjustable slug (1 row)
  • Colour: Black