Free bad business advice

Has the Internet sawn itself in half - with some people avoiding spending on Internet retail sites?

However - the top-performing online products were: Computer Software, Consumer Electronics, Books/Magazines, Computers/Peripherals/PDAs.

Reports and rumors reveal that e-commerce spending is becoming polarized, with websites like advising readers not to buy products like books (recommending swap sites, and advising their readers to use these alternatives instead of Amazon etc. On the surface this cheap, recycling, money saving piece advise sounds like a good idea but...

Industries like the book industry are struggling to make a profit so advising people not to buy new books not only puts retailers out of business - do you have an independent book seller on the high street of your town? - it also means there will be fewer 'quality' publications physically published and new authors will be unable to make a living, simply because they will have to self publish.

People are constantly looking for free promotions from businesses and are no longer prepared to pay a fare price for things. We have appeared to embraced the ‘something for nothing’ culture  and are consequently (probably) destroying the fundamental laws of capitalism… Continue reading

If you want to read a book for free why not use your local Library? Closures of this fine institution are imminent due to lack of support from the general public so instead of sitting in front of your computer looking for free deals why not go to the Library and get the real deal! Not only do you get a free book the author of the book you borrow will get a small micro payment - that seems a more fair deal to me.