Seo music from Russia

Another long day optimizing clients business websites - the choice is either watch the football on TV or listen to this fantastic Russian (punk?) band. Their is no competition...

Why has Russia become the most exciting place musically in the world? How come raw energy explodes out of this former iron clad growling bear? Maybe there lies the answer and the reason? It was a state controlled, media censored, draconian empire and now....?


Coffee break SEO

Coffee break in our SEO office – time to listen to some music – Today it is Lidwine. Lidwine – Micro Interview Posted on November 29, 2010 by admin Goosebumps, tingles and bass in your rib cage – This is … Continue reading
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Listen and SEO

Here is another bit of music to listen to while you are attempting to get your website onto the first page of Googgle. Optimisation of keywords is vital to maintain a healthy search engine ranking. Small businesses depend on ranking … Continue reading
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The Dancing Did

The New Musical Express have recently rediscovered this band from Evesham – a real shame they never gave them the support when they were around on the scene. In 2007 Cherry Red released a retrospective of their work which included … Continue reading
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Search Engine Optimization – Music?

Sometimes you just have to zone out and listen to music when you get ‘code blind’.   Julie Peel – Music to SEO to Posted on February 21, 2011 by admin Here we are again, sat in front of my … Continue reading
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