What is your business strategy?

There is no point in delivering the same product as the competition unless you come up with a strategy that makes you the brand  leader.  Don't convince yourself that a catchy gimmick  is going to be strong enough to get you to the top, the whole thing is about building a culture around you, your product, your service and the dream - people have to believe in you. 

First impressions mean everything and presenting a positive image is the top priority, you need to divulge as much information about your company as you can  - to make your clients feel at ease - as though they are your 'friend'.

Clients need to have confidence in you and like to know that your company has a passion or belief - above all they need to know you are not simply in the game to make a quick profit and then disappear. Building a brand loyalty is paramount to continuing success.

A brand relies on continuity - customer support, email marketing, your company website - consumers expect service that is consistent across the board, from the tea boy to the CEO (you might be all of them) it is important everybody lives the brand.

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