In top 100 blogs - #living #art #business

We are proud to announce that is in the top 100 blogs today...

We are in the Technorati top 100 blog charts for Art (top 10), Living and Small Business. This achievement is building on our previous chart successes over the past three years.

Sitemaps-xml  would like to thank our supporters and contributors for their efforts during 2012 and 2013 
"Are we all trying to discover the phrases that bring in clients to our web site? Finding the right key phrases for your business and placing them for best effect is the quest for the Search Engine Holy Grail. Not only are there constant pressures being placed on businesses to compete, within the real world and the virtual world, legislation and green issues are forcing them to adjust. Maintaining a successful business gets harder every day, the pressures and competition increase and the days get longer."