Click organic search results not ads ?

The best way to get business on the Internet is to be on page one of all the major search engines.

You can pay to get to the top but is this the best way forward?

People probably click "organic search results" more often than paid ads - this could be for a number of reasons but as the end user becomes more savvy he has become more cynical about the tightening grip search engines have over what we are being delivered to our browser.

'Organic Search'  was a term created to distinguish the real search results from the ads search results.
A Google study in 2012 found that 81% of ad impressions and 66% of ad clicks happen when there is no associated organic search result on the first page. Read more...
There is still value in using paid search words especially if you are starting up a new business and need to hit the ground running while your site climbs the search terms naturally. I can't see any point in paying for this service if you are already the brand leader in organic searches - unless you are paranoid. 

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