Top 400 blogs in the world - #blog

We are pleased to announce that Sitemaps-XML is in the to 400 blogs in the world according to the highly influential blog directory Technorati.

The importance of blog charts can not be over stated

The optimisation of websites these days is an ever increasingly more complicated affair. Blog charts are as useful as search engines - getting your site / product listed in these listings create opertunities and enables you to reach a wider audience. These charts are not really about 'keywords' they are about content and unlike most search engines an element of human intervention sorts out the 'keyword stuffers'.

Using keywords is part of SEO but fine tuning a web site’s coding, presentation (how text, images and content are presented) and structure - including fixing problems that could prevent search engines and blog directories indexing and fully exploring a site is important.

Write great content and make the Internet a better place