Social Networks = #facebook #twitter #blogger #linkedin

Creating networks that increase sales are a vital part of business survival. Everybody is using networks like twitter and Facebook however, the majority of free advertising opportunities within these sites are shrinking. These sites are becoming as ineffective as having an advert on a local radio station that has no listeners.

New networks have a core of members who initiate activities and support the rest of the group. New networks create great opportunities for free advertising in their start up phase. It is important to take advantage of the start up enthusiasm. If you are starting a new network you need to fully understand the structures and reasons for creating new networks - you must answer the questions, 'Why am I doing this?' and 'Are there other networks around that already fulfill my needs and aims?' Creating new groups/collectives could be counterproductive and create an even more fragmented marketing environment.

It is important that a robust armature is created for a network to succeed. If this is achieved then it would be a formidable and powerful organization. At the ‘start up’ phase of a new network, the creativity of the entrepreneur or group leaders are at their most inventive and vulnerable. The energy that is created is very infectious but this enthusiasm gradually dies and needs ‘mothering’ to take it to the next growth phase. To achieve sustainability is key in a traditional business environment and in pioneering innovations.

A mentoring scheme which enables these pioneers to access strategies and processes needed to create a successful art or business practice would be highly beneficial to individuals and groups. Even established networks get it wrong and lose members.

Social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, have become great resources for finding new customers. To get these networks (especially Twitter) to work to your advantage, reciprocal networking is crucial. Your prospective clients search for companies with similar interests and services to their own. Support them by "following" them or "liking" them. The idea is that those people/companies will return the favor — the theory (which is possibly questionable) is to enable traffic to benefit both - helping each company grow. The reality is - everybody is out there for their own gain.

The World Wide Web is more dynamic than ever these days, which means it's becoming more and more important - good companies are constantly updating their sites. Fresh content keeps people coming back for more. Facebook fan pages need daily content and interactive websites such as a blog should be updated at least 3 to 4 times a week. While this may sound aggressive, clients will recognize the importance you place on of keeping your site's content fresh — without it, people will stop visiting.

Using Networks!

Your Profile – First impressions mean everything and presenting a positive profile is the top priority, you need to divulge as much information about yourself as you can to make your 'friends' feel comfortable - as though they know you in real life, use your first name and a real profile picture.

Positivity is better than Negativity –  Be positive about yourself and your brand. Bring new, interesting  and accurate information to blogs and discussion groups. Give quality feedback and try to be helpful to other users - always try to be positive and upbeat.

Be There – Get noticed. Join all popular networks like Facebook, twitter, blogger etc. - creating as many different connections as you can is the key to online success. Search through interests to build your social media marketing network.

Brand Image? –  Every word you write affects your brand, followers and 'quoters' will dump you if you make a mistake. This strategy might not sell your products but you will come out of the experience as a 'nice guy' and you never know you might make a small amount of cash out of it.

Don't Bother -  There are millions of people out there trying to make a fortune from networking sites - this could be another dead end.

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